International Journal for Ontology & Metaphysics

Number 1 /2006

with contributions from: 

Ingvar Johansson

Identity Puzzles and Supervenient Identities

Stephan Blatti

No Impediment to Solidity as Impediment 

Sven Walter

Multiple Realizability and Reduction:

A Defense of the Disjunctive Move     

Dennis Earl

Concepts and Properties 

Pedro Schmechtig

Zeit und Persistenz 

Panayot Butchvarov

Bergmann and Wittgenstein on Generality


Number 2 /2006

with contributions from: 

Ingvar Johansson / Richard Davis
Is Socrates A Predicate?

Jiri Benovsky
A Modal Bundle Theory 

Kurt Torell
The Chauvinism of Actualism 

Rögnvaldur Ingthorsson
Truthmakers Without Truth 

Peter Forrest
Endurance and Fatalism 

Adolf Rami
Wahrheit und Propositionen 

Giuliano Torrengo
Tenseless Cross-temporal Relations 

Christian Kanzian

Fred Wilson
Science and Religion: No Irenics Here

Wolfgang Degen
Metaphysics Without Task

Benjamin Schnieder
Substanzen und (ihre) Eigenschaften 

David Armstrong
Truth and Truthmakers

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