International Journal for Ontology & Metaphysics

Number 2 /2002


with contributions from:
J. P. Moreland
Timothy O'Connor and the Harmony Thesis: A Critique
Larry Lee Blackman
Mind as Intentionality Alone
Andrew Newman
Converse Relations, Vectors, and Three Theses from Armstrong
Vijay Mascarenhas
Intentionality, Causality, and Self-Consciousness: Implications for the Naturalization of Consciousness
Christina Schneider
Relational Tropes - A Holistic Definition
Pawel Garbacz
What is a level of a criterion of identity?
Christian Kanzian
Dieter Struma (Hrsg): Personen. Philosophiegeschichte, Theoretische Philosophie, Praktische Philosophie


Number 1 /2002


with contributions from:
Peter Forrest
Sets as Mereological Tropes
L. Nathan Oaklander
McTaggart s Paradox Defended
Tomis Kapitan
The Ontological Significance of Variables
Max Kistler
The Causal Criterion of Reality and the Necessity of Laws of Nature
Rögnvaldur Ingthorsson
Causal Production as Interaction


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